Link – Fuck Off Fund

The essay. It’s really short.

The concept isn’t directly expressed in the essay itself, but it’s what Alone writes about: power versus the trappings of power. Character one bought the trappings of power (nice car, hot clothes, coffee table from fucking IKEA) and neglected power itself. She was then surprised when she discovered that she had no power and was abused by all the actually powerful people around her (note: two men who both were giving her money == power; she mentions not wanting to accept loan money from Dad as well, this is connected). It’s especially cutting that the hot clothes were explicitly part of her exploitation, both from her boss and her boyfriend. She leaves off with the warning: don’t let this be you. She’s right. Get power, not the trappings.

The missing piece is who taught her that the trappings of power were worth more than power in the first place. The answer, unfortunately for her, is that it was Tina Fey and Beyonce.

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